BMS PLANET It was born from the need to structure a company that gathered the experience of more than 25 years of its partners and work team in the areas of environmental, social, quality, safety and health at work sites, sustainability, civil engineering , building sector, International trade; among others to meet the needs of our customers in an integral way

Offering services of:




Internal and external audits in sustainable standards

Engineering and construction

International trade

We have a highly qualified and committed workgroup to support and guide organizations in the implementation and improvement of their business management systems.

BMS PLANET has aligned its services to the global commitment to the 17 SDG Sustainable Development Goals, which seek to adopt measures to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

 Strategic Planning



Support companies providing diagnostic, advisory, training, consulting and auditing services for the improvement in the integral management of organizational development; through the participation of a qualified group of consultants that bring all their capacity and strategies in the innovation and continuous improvement of the organizations.


To be a nationally and internationally recognized consulting company, for its high levels of performance, commitment and quality towards its clients, in the Integral management services it offers to organizations.



BMS PLANET  is a company specialized in consulting, advice, training, audits of businesses management systems, focused on the environmental, social, occupational safety, quality and sustainability fields, among others. Provides services of international trade, civil works, real estate, construction and electric mobility solutions.

It has a highly qualified and committed teamwork to support and guide organizations in the implementation and improvement of their business management systems.

BMS PLANET , undertakes to:

1. Identify the environmental aspects and impacts generated by its activities and to establish action measures that contribute to the prevention of pollution and environmental care.

2. To prevent and control occupational hazards and risks, generating spaces that contribute to improving the well-being and health of its employees.

3. Offer high quality products and services that meet the needs of its customers and meet the applicable requirements.

4. Comply with the legal and other requirements that apply in the development of their activities.

5. Have the financial, technological, technical and human resources for good performance and continuous improvement of the integrated management system.

6. This policy will be reviewed and adjusted at least once a year, or every time there is a change in the organization’s processes.

This Policy will be communicated and disseminated to all staff of the organization, visitors and other interested parties





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