Alliance For Water Stewardship




Applies globally to all industrial organizations and sectors, including agriculture and watersheds, with a set of strategies and activities used by the Alliance for Water Management and its stakeholders to achieve change, socially and culturally equitable environmentally sustainable and economically beneficial.



The scope is the operational site and its watershed, including indirect use of water in the supply chain

Applies to all types of water used by an organization in its normal activities.

The scope applies to all uses of water, whether from private sources of water or other suppliers, management and treatment of wastewater.

Applicable to any type and size of company anywhere.

Implementation of the requirements of the standard..

Sustainable water use management programs, in the context of the basin, water governance, water balance, water quality, important areas related to water

Sanitation and hygiene.

Establish significant individual and collective actions that benefit people, the economy and nature.

Perform Water Management Reports and Communications

Audits and monitoring.