Forest Stewardship Council 





Tools focused on the management of environmental, social and economic aspects for the responsible management of forests and the supply chain derived from wood:

Diagnosis, implementation, audit, training in FSC management systems:


 1. MF Forest Management Certification

  • Applies to plantations of forest origin.
  • Guarantees the quality of forest management from an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable point.


2. Chain of custody certification (COC)

Applies for all raw materials or derived products of forest origin:

  • Chain of Custody: It is the route that the products take from the forest, to the point where it is sold with an FSC declaration and / or it is finished and labeled FSC.
  • The COC certification provides that at each stage of the chain of certified forest products not be mixed with non-certified products.

Fields of action


Any Industry that handles materials or forest origin products such as:

Paper industry

Graphic Industries

Furniture industries

Building projects

Housing, sawmills, projects, among others.