and Carbon Certification.  





The international sustainability certification is a program for the production of biomass and bioenergy that focuses on the sustainability of land use, traceability and verification of greenhouse gases throughout the supply chain, with the following scope .

All agro-industrial products (soy, oil palm, sugar cane, sunflower, canola, beet, wood, cotton cereals, among others)

Waste and process waste (UCO, municipal solid waste, landfill gas, glycerin, crude, tires)

Non-bio renewable materials (gas-energy, liquid energy, CO2)

Sustainability requirements for the production and cultivation of biomass and alternative raw materials and implementation of the System

Requirements for traceability and surveillance chain (Point of origin, collection point, processing, storage, marketing

ISCC-EU: Biofuels

ISCC PLUS: Biofuel markets outside the European Union, food, animal biomass, biologically based products