In this regard, focused commercial operations were created and initiated mainly for export, import, foreign exchange advice, international physical distribution and commercial support, promoting the export culture and consolidating our clients in the international market.

We have branches in China, USA, Venezuela and Panama.

The experience that our company has is the main contribution of its partners and management personnel who have been linked to the international trade for more than 20 years with continuous feedback which allows us to have knowledge of the latest changes in the international arena


Facilitate and support the operations of export, import, exchange and customs regimes, special export and import systems, in addition to guiding the activities of promotion, commercialization and distribution of Colombian goods and services to foreign markets.

We are committed to supporting all small and medium enterprises so that they can take their products abroad, which is why we have formed strategic alliances with different companies such as JOANDYFERSIA, GRUPO FOUR. ADUALOG, ALMINCARGA.

The alliance with these companies give us security, reliability, and speed in all international trade operations.

Transportation from the place of origin to the final destination.

Preparation of certificates of origin.

Customs export procedures.

In addition to these, we offer exchange rate advice, elaboration of origin criteria, market research, among others.

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