1. Training in:

Chain of Custody FSC -PEFC

FSC -PECF Forest Management Principles and Standard

RSPO Principles and Criteria - RSPO Supply Chain

ISCC Sustainability Principles - ISCC Supply Chain - Greenhouse Gases

Evaluation of High Conservation Values AVC

GHG Greenhouse Gases

Carbon footprint

Water footprint

AWS Alliance for water management

PCOS Healthy Organizations Certification Program

HSEQ Management Systems, Safety and Health at Work. Environmental and Quality.

Topics that are developed according to the needs of the Organization

Specific issues that have to do with the environment, occupational health safety, quality and sustainable standards RSPO-ISCC-FSC-AVC-PEFC-HH-HC-GEI-AWS.

2. Diagnostics, internal and second part audits:

Integrated HSEQ Management System - Industrial Hygiene and Safety, Environmental and Quality, under NTC ISO 14001, 9001, 19011 and ISO 45001, Decree 1072, GP 1000

FSC Chain of Custody - PEFC - FSC Forest Management

RSPO Management System Principles and Criteria - Supply Chain

ISCC Management System - Principles of Sustainability - Supply Chain

PCOS Systems - Healthy Organizations certification program

AVC - High Conservation Values

GHG Greenhouse Gases - Carbon Footprint

Water footprint

AWS Alliance for water management.

3. Internal Auditor courses in:

ISO 9001 quality

Occupational health and safety (ISO 45001 AND DECREE 1072


RSPO Principles and criteria supply chain


4. Technical Analysis Course in Financial Markets

General objective of the course:

Give knowledge about responsible management and real projections within financial markets so that the student has the ability to choose between different systems, strategies, portfolios and investment markets.

Provide the knowledge of reading, interpreting and analyzing the different markets at a technical level. Also, has the ability to operate them.

Provide the student with guidance on the different means in which he can develop as a professional trader


Addressed to:

People without prior knowledge in the financial markets

Traders with experience who wish to complete their training and improve their operations and results

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